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Our boutique studio specialises in fitness for the mature body, or if the competitive mood in gyms is not for you.

We have qualified trainers to guide you through each class, in a friendly and safe environment.  Join us today!

Your Fabulous Classes


Pilates stretches and strengthens your body for better posture, balance and flexibility. It focuses on symmetry and alignment. Classes alternate between bands, rings or no props. Choose from Mat or Swiss Ball classes.

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Be Fit Be Strong

Group training designed to give a total body workout using a combination of equipment to increase strength, and cardio to burn calories. Always varied so you will never be bored! All levels catered for.

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Fit for Life

A resistance training program for those seeking a less intense session. A combination of weights, bands and gym sticks are used, as well as some cardio. Great for overall strength and balance!

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Zumba is a fun, dance inspired workout. It's high energy, easy to learn and will have you burning calories without even realising you're working out. Both low impact (Zumba Gold) and intermediate/advanced classes available.

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Yoga Stretch

Stretches are based on yoga poses. Enjoy the full range of benefits that slow and gentle yoga stretching offers, improving flexibility and range of motion. It also helps reduce your risk of injury.

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NEW - Boogie Bounce

A complete exercise program on a mini trampoline, with a safety bar, choreographed to inspiring music which includes an extremely effective cardio section, and a powerful bums, tums and thighs section. Every muscle in your body is worked, even the facial muscles!

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Personal Training

Personal training is a fantastic way to get in shape and stay motivated. Programs are individually designed by our encouraging trainers so that you will gain maximum benefit from your efforts.

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 Timetable - closed Public Holidays

FOR OUR NEW CLIENTS - 3 classes for $30 or first class free

Committed Membership - $34.95 per week with unlimited classes

Flexible Membership - $44.95 per week with unlimited classes and a 4 month hold option

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Client Reviews

Bonnie's positive and practical approach to becoming fitter and healthier has been a real bonus for me. Her enthusiasm rubs off and an extra plus is enjoying the friendship of the other ladies in the classes. Bonnie's classes are a lift for both mind and body!



Bonnie is a practical, friendly and communicative trainer who has helped me focus on my goals of increased strength, flexibility and fitness. She has a realistic approach, is most encouraging and her pricing plans are affordable on a budget. Excellent fun while getting healthier.



Physical fitness has become something I really look forward to and enjoy. After years of slogging it out at the gym and attending large impersonal classes, I am motivated by the encouragement and personal care that Bonnie gives to my needs. Her passion, knowledge and professionalism is outstanding.



I love the benefits that Pilates and Be Fit Be Strong give to my body, with more flexibility and greater core strength. Zumba Gold is a lot of fun too! Bonnie constantly changes the programs, gives individual instruction and provides a positive environment. All the trainers are professional welcoming.



The classes have helped my chronic illness, making me feel stronger and happier. The trainers are friendly and supportive, plus I have made new friends among the other participants.



Since starting with Bonnie I have lost weight and gained fitness and health. Bonnie is a great motivator and makes the exercises fun and varied.  The group and Pilates classes are always a laugh with a fantastic bunch of women. Being a mature person I feel it accommodates my needs more than a gym.



I love the variety of classes and the fun we have as a group. I feel healthier, happier and my posture and core strength have improved greatly. I have gone from a size 16-18 to a 10-12 and have become a more active grandmother to my granddaughters.



I have found enjoyment in exercise again after illness. Regaining strength, balance and focus has helped me feel in control again in a friendly atmosphere of support and encouragement. I have made new, good friends too. Thank you Fab Physical Fun.



The classes have helped my chronic illness, making me feel stronger and happier. The trainers are friendly and supportive, plus I have made new friends among the other participants.



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